Subject: Netherlands Questions
In Amsterdam, from my experience, all the food is moderately priced except for 5 star hotel restaurants. There are many moderately priced restaurants in the Leidesplein area--Argentinian steakhouses, Italian, Greek, Indian, Thai, Mexican... if you look hard you may even find an authentic Dutch restaurant.

I highly, highly recommend the Indonesian restaurant on the Singel along the Bloemarkt (Floating Flower Market). The food is great and it's a lot of fun. Be careful, not all Indonesian restaurants serve the traditional (it may be traditional Dutch, not traditional Indonesian rice table.

Another fun place is Mr. Pancake on Raadhuisstraat between the Dam and Singel. It is near the big Albert Heijn (grocery store) and Magna Plaza (shopping center). Anyone on the street could probably give you directions. No, it is not an American-style pancake house. In some ways it is more like a California Pizza Kitchen, if you are familiar with the chain. Mr. Pancake serves traditional Dutch pancakes which are very thin, flat, and not just for breakfast. I highly recommend the pancakes salmon and dill sauce. You can also get them with cheese, ham, sausage, tuna, artichokes... a wide variety of topics almost like pizza. You can also get sweet ones with fruit, whipped cream, or stroop (a Dutch syrup).

One unexpected way to rack up the charges though is through drinks--not just alcohol, butl also sodas and bottled water. Beer, sodas, and water all come in one size--extra small. If you want water, ask specifically for tap water. It is safe. Your server may pretend they don't serve tap water, but if you insist they will bring it.

Erina Amsterdam