Subject: Hotel Igea in Padua
Let me second Ann Widdowson's recommendation about the Igea in Padua, which I discovered independently of Laurie. It was a choice at a convention I attended the first time I went to Italy. In fact, we will be returning for our third stay in May. It is only a two star and breakfast is extra cost (the only hotel I have personally been to in Italy with that policy) but the rooms are unusually large and the staff more than pleasant. The location is fairly good with regard to the town center. You can catch a bus a block away to get to the train station. Although Venice is spectacular, we prefer to stay in Padua; there are several really good and inexpensive restaurants there, such as the Vecchia Padova and another whose name I forget near the Igea. Padua is a historic university city that holds much of interest on its own for academics like myself.

Ira H. Bernstein