Subject: Re: Barcelona - May 25-26
Hi Graziella, I hope you enjoy Barcelona. I was there, and I do not want to be a party pooper but I have a sensitive stomach. The tour took me out at night when it was pouring to a fancy buffet restaurant, and don't ask me what I ate, but boy did I get sick! Please be careful what you eat, unless you have a strong stomach. I got so sick, I had to fly home the next day. I did not even get to a hospital. I just did not sleep all night, and being the dummy I am, I did not go to a doctor. As a result of this wonderful journey, I lost $2,000., because the insurance coverage required I go to a doctor or hospital before heading home. Such is life, but at least I learned. I enjoyed Madrid, and no problems there. That was my first stop. I missed Toledo, and other towns on my tour. I was just glad to be home. Let's hope it works out better for you. I am sure it will. Just a warning. Como se dice? Bueno suerte. Elaine