Subject: Route planning and the Ligurian Coast - Was : Re: Andorra, Navarre etc. .....
Grace, I have had a lot of fun finding directions by using It is a marvel in that there is so much information to be found there. When you get to the site you will see at the bottom left side: Itinerary >from and >to. Just type in the starting point and the destination, click on O.K> and a simple map will come up with a good set of directions. There is a button at the bottom of the simple map which states Display map of your route. Click on it and a map of your route will come up. Also in the directions section you will see a tiny red book on the right side. Click on it and you can find hotels and restaurants in the town of your starting point and destination.

I think that you could plan an entire route, with driving directions, from Barcelona to Padova using the Michelin data. As you drive down the Ligurian coast to Pisa, think about stopping at Ca'Peo in Leivi for lunch/dinner or a stay overnight in this delightful seven-room inn, which has a marvelous panorama of the Ligurian coastline and sea. It is 129 km. to Pisa according to the data found at Michelin-Travel. ;-) And, Leivi is 235 km from Nice, so it would be just about the right time to stop for a leisurely lunch, or dinner and the night