Subject: Re: Netherlands and rijsttafel
Hi Erina, Thanks for the tram information. I am sure the rental car company can help get us out of town. In my semi-rural area - 3 miles to a grocery store - I cannot imagine not driving.

Depending on your schedule on Saturday, perhaps we can GTG for a late lunch on Saturday. There are several good restaurants on Overtoom including a South Indian restaurant and Ethiopian restaurant. This sounds like a really good idea except for one small problem: we will have our luggage with us. (At most 2 rolling cases with small carryons atop - probably not that much.) It seems like a waste of time to get close to the rental place for lunch and then go back to the hotel to get the luggage then go back to the rental place. Of course, I don't have a feel for distances and times at all.

Take care, Janet Riverview, FL