Subject: Leivi (was:Route planning and the Ligurian Coast )
Hi Peter I am also loving this Michelin site...... thanks so much. I am very interested in your mention of Leivi:

Peter wrote:

> . As you drive down the Ligurian
> coast to Pisa, think about stopping at Ca'Peo in Leivi for
> lunch/dinner or a
> stay overnight in this delightful seven-room inn,

Is Ca'Peo the reason to stop in Leivi? I would appreciate any further information on the restaurant and the town. We will be in Santa Margherita Ligure for several days, and we may want to make the trip there, if you recommend it as being worth the journey.

By the way, my mother and brother have decided that we are staying at the Park Villa Grazioli in Grottoferata. It looks wonderful, and we got a pretty decent price....... considering. I would never have sprung for this; it is out of my budget range, but since they want to stay there, hey, who am I to argue? ;-) Thanks for the recommendation. And any further tips are welcome.

Ciao Debbie