Subject: Andorrra ...those delicious chocolate ....
Hi Suzie, so nice to know you are back. !! In a way I was counting with you because I recall that either you were there or have been there recently. I loved all the information you gave me. We are thrilled with the idea of going to the Pyrenees, Andorra etc. I am a little tired but tomorrow morning I shall look carefully into your e mails and most likely I shall ask you for some clarifications.

We still have pending the Boston Summer GTG, (?).

All together we plan to spend 35 days in Europe , mostly in Spain and Italy , France only a little this time, mostly passing through but the Caves sound fascinating and we ll try to go.

How was your trip..? You are telling me that you have a travelogue in the Travelzine 's files? great :-) I shall check to morrow.

If we go to Boston let me bring a cookie for you as a good luck charm to be sure that we shall indeed get to Boston. This is year seems complicated though because weaare planing to be in Buenos Aires in August for the birth of a new grandchild.

Take care, Graziella.