Subject: Re: Leivi (was:Route planning and the Ligurian Coast)
Debbie wrote (snipped):
> Is Ca'Peo the reason to stop in Leivi? I would appreciate any further
> information on the restaurant and the town. We will be in Santa
> Margherita Ligure for several days, and we may want to make the trip
> there, if you recommend it as being worth the journey.

Leivi is only a short way from Santa Margherita Ligure as the crow flies. The drive should take about 1/2 hour or so, but is all uphill and the road has many curves and some switchbacks if memory serves. It is a nice little town which is known for the quality of its olive oil. Even if you don't go to Ca'Peo, it might be a welcome relief to get away from all the tourists that Rick Steves sends the Cinque Terre and vicinity ;-). So if you are not uptight about somewhat challenging roads, take a few hours to see the town and the marvelous views from on up high. I have never been in a small Italian town that didn't have a good trattoria, cafe or restaurant so I am sure Leivi has at least one besides Ca'Peo. As far as Ca'Peo, go to , click on Italy and search for Chiavari a Leivi. There you will find a paragraph about the place.

Fred Plotkin's book, Italy for the Gourmet Traveler, has an interesting section on Liguria. He also wrote a cookbook about Ligurian Cuisine, Recipes from Paradise. Both of these are quite useful for one who is planning travel in Liguria. Take a look at them, if you don't know them already, next time you are in a big book store.