Subject: Re: The Loire Valley - suggestions for a hub location
--- In TheTravelzine , Beth Weathers wrote:
> After we do Paris, four of us would like to extend the trip and drive to the Loire Valley. I am open to suggestions : what town would be a good hub ? where in that town/area to stay ?

Hey Beth! We are doing the same thing (first week of June) and I'm in the process of finding a place to stay for two-three nights in the Loire before going on to the coast of Brittany.

It seems that Amboise/Chenonceaux or Blois is the best place to be centered in. I have several suggestions from Rick Steve's book on France and Belgium. We used his book in England and were very happy with our choices.

I'd love to hear if anyone else on the list has suggestions for this area of places to stay. Also suggestions of places to stay around Dinan and Honfleur would be helpful. I've really enjoyed this list and have learned a lot.

Thanks, Ellie in MD