Subject: Re: Morroco information needed
Although Morocco has been a friend to the west for a very long time, it is a strictly Islamic country. Of all the Islamic countries I have visited, it is the most restrictive in allowing non-muslims into mosques. Tourists should be aware of those restrictions.

Photographs of the royal compound were somewhat restricted.

As is true everywhere (except the US, it seems), but especially in Islamic countries, modest dress is most appropriate. Western women are not expected to cover up completely, but shorts and sleeveless shirts are not recommended. We wore shirts that at least covered our shoulders and upper arms and slacks or long skirts. It is a good idea to carry some sort of scarf to cover your head.

Do be careful with uncooked vegetables and salads. We found all of those things to look very attractive, but those who ate them, even in good hotels and restaurants, had some serious intestinal tract problems. If you have not already done so, see a travel clinic or your doctor for an antibiotic to bring with just in case you are affected.

We really enjoyed Morocco. Hope you have a great trip.

Lisa in Chicago