Subject: Hello and Happy Anniversary!
Hi Ziners,

We returned yesterday from a wonderful three-week trip to Italy and hope to post our travelogue by the first of June. To all of you who have written to us privately, please bear with us as we plow through the blizzard of emails.

Tomorrow marks two years that TheTravelzine (rhymes with magazine, by the way!) has been in existence and we know by your comments that you are enjoying this group as much as we are. To all of you who go out of your way to share what you know, we thank you for helping to make the ZINE the great resource that it is.

Thank you Callie for the great job that you continue to do with the Hotel and Destinations Database, which has a new URL. It is accessible from: by all Ziners who have linked their ZINE subscription addresses to their Yahoo I.D.s by following the conversion wizard at

Many thanks to our superb moderating team who have kept the Zine ship sailing smoothly. We had the pleasure of spending time with moderator/friends Paolo and Flavio during our trip and enjoyed renewing our friendship with Andrea and Antonella of Poggibonsi and meeting Erina and Shane whose trip to Rome coincided with our own.

The next get-together on our agenda is Tuesday evening, June 19th, and Susie S4MTS will be arranging the details. We hope to have the opportunity to get to know those of you who live in or near Boston.

Cheers! Don and Linda