Subject: Re: Digital v. standard film
I don't take as many pictures as you do, I am more of a 4-5 roller/week. But I recently returned from a 10 day trip to Italy armed with a new digital camera. I used 32 mg card and had an 8 mg as a spare in case I ran out of memory. No laptop. I did not run out of memory at all--I did not even need to use the 8 mg card. I reviewed pictures each night in my hotel room to see if I there were some I could delete. But of the over 125 pictures I took, I only deleted about 4. My camera was set on low reso, 640X480. I publish on the web, I have no plans to print out my pics and therefore don't need better res. Memory cards are relatively cheap and easily to handle than rolls of film--and certainly more convenient than a laptop. (though I must confess I am thinking of getting a used Sony Vio to be my travel laptop--but mainly for notetaking/journal writing.) I think I posted prices in an old email. Check the Travelzine archives, I started a thread about what kind of digital camera to buy within the last couple of months. There is lots of talk about memory in those posts.

Erina in Amsterdam, The Netherlands