Subject: Re: Digital v. standard film
Hi Beth, I have a Sony Cyber Shot 3.3 and bought four extra memory sticks, pricey but you only do it once. On our trip to NYC over Christmas I shot over 300 pictures that I kept. Edited those on the PC when we got home. I can delete images in the camera to free up space but I'm not sure that's what your're asking and I don't know what kind of digital you have. I had an entire blank memory stick I never used. Also I had just gotten the camera so was doing a lot of playing. If you don't use memory sticks or don't want to buy more could you find a cyber cafe and upload your pics to a floppy disk or send to yourself as an attachment? We'll be in Italy for a month in April/May and I'm trying to decide if I should also take my trusty Minota 35mm or if that's overkill. Thoughts anyone? I mainly use my pictures as reference photos to paint from or to complete paintings just sketched in on location. Best, Lyn