Subject: Re: Digital v. standard film
Hi Beth,

>Ok, I have both and probably will take both to Paris. I would. My wife and usually take three cameras between us. I carry the very small (the size of a credit card) still digital camera, as well as a small digital camcorder. My wife carries a compact 35mm SLR. This may seem like an overkill by some, but they are all small cameras and all fit into one, over the shoulder, carry bag. We do not use a proper camera bag as we do not want to advertise the fact that are we carrying cameras. Most of our stills are captured with the 35mm. The digital is used for those special photos. Even so I managed to fill a 125m memory card on our recent holiday in the South Island of New Zealand. The reason for this is that I use the highest resolution, when shooting with the digital. I also have all the shots from the 35mm dropped onto a CD as well as having them printed.

One other way of storing shots from a digital, is to use a digital wallet. You can download them into this as you go. I would love one, but they are too expensive in New Zealand at the moment.

Regards, Richard Bloomfield.(New Zealand)