Subject: Re: Digital v. standard film
Use a digital wallet to store your photographs every night. Check one out at and just search for *digital wallet*. That way you will need only one card with a decent memory size--I am currently using a Lexar 160 MB 8X, but wish I had bought the 10X. I always have the digital camera set at fine which will have the capacity of 100 shots with the 160MM Flash Card. Also, you will need an extra set of chargeable batteries with a charger.

For traveling I would only take my traveling camera, a Contax G2 with a 45mm lens and lots of film. I don't like the delay when pressing the shutter on a digital camera. But often wish that I had my tripod along. I have the film printed at home, then scan the slides into my computer and start printing them, with the hope that I will have produced two or three pictures that are worthy of being called photographs.