Subject: Re: Yucatan tour-Need advice
It has been at least five or six years since we were there, but my husband and I stayed in one of the resort hotels in Cancun and easily rented a car.

One day we drove to Chichen Itza. The road was two lanes and went through many small villages and one pretty good sized town, and I seem to remember getting there in about two hours. We had the entire day and drove back. Perhaps someone else knows whether the road has been improved.

There are other sites in the direction of Chichen Itza that are not too far from it. I know there are a couple of hotels in that area that are supposed to be pretty nice, too.

Another day we drove the other direction along the Yucatan coast and went to Coba. At that time, it was virtually unexcavated and the roads to it were dirt with lots of holes. We had a jeep, and had no problem. The site was quite a lot more complex than Chichen Itza. There was not much about it in the guide book we had, but we were able to pick up a guide to the ruins at the site. I believe I have read that it has been developed more now. That was only about an hour, as I recall. Also in that vicinity is Tulum, right on the coast. For Coba, bring the mosquito repellent! They were trying to carry me away.

Lisa in Chicago