Subject: Gail's return from Scotland
Thank you, thank you, Gail for posting your report of your trip to Scotland!!!!! The tourist industry here is having the most awful time and to read a post that was positive about a trip to Scotland at this time is truly wonderful!!! .Folks, Scotland is NOT off limits ------------------- you will not contract F&M disease as a human, you just have to take sensible precautions so you don't spread it on your shoes or boots in the country------------the cities and towns are open for business as is most of the rest of the country. The affected area is in the South-west of the country, the rest of the countryside is just taking precautions so it doesn't spread there.

Food is safe and palatable, the BSE crises was mainly south of the border---------Scottish Beef is grass fed and is safe! Our sea food is wonderful if you feel you have to steer clear of meat----come and visit us here in Scotland------you won't starve and you will get the warmest of welcomes!!!

I am not connected with the Tourist industry so this is not an advert, just a plea not to cross off Scotland as a possible holiday destination. I know there have been horror stories which are largely untrue on the various media through out the world especially in the States---- as the saying goes do not believe all your read in the newspapers!!

Off my soap box now,

regards from a concerned Scot, Elma