Subject: Re: Back from New Zealand
Marco, you had the same trip my son and I did, and I agree with you one hundred percent. The people are fabulous and New Zealand is breathtaking. Did you get to the Bird Sanctuary near Queenstown? Christchurch was my favorite and then Wellington. I missed Richard, darn it! I was extremely interested in the Maori Indians and finally I got tapes called Once Were Warriors by Alan Duff which is fabulous listening. It is autobiographical. It is not expensive eithe. I got it off Maybe you'd like to invest in it. The village in Rotorua was outstanding, and I brought home a wooden carved kiwi bird from the village. I even went to the Auckland Zoo which has the New Zealand background of ferns and palms. I have this already for a website, but I can't get my son to show me how to start the website. Did you take pictures? Elaine