Subject: Hotel Borromini in the Parioli district, Rome
Hi All My cousin is staying at this hotel, which is on the north/ northwest edge of the Borghese Gardens, according to the website map. But one website says the hotel is opposite the Villa Ada Park. I am not familiar with that park. The address of the hotel is Via Lisbona 7. Since I found the room for her (Easter week; things were booked up and we had to take a package to get a decent airfare price, flights, dates, etc.) I feel responsible in a way. Any information on the hotel, or the ease or difficulty of getting into the historic center of Rome from this location, would be appreciated. The hotel is rated 4 stars, and I am assuming they will be able to get transportation help and general advice there. I just don't want to disappoint her.

Giorgio, Flavio, Don and Linda, what do you know??? Any other Ziners familiar with this area?

Also, it seems to me that it might be nice to stay near the park, but since I don't know the area, perhaps I am just being optimistic.... Feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks Debbie