Subject: Once Were Warriors (was: Back from New Zealand)
Hi I noted with interest that Elaine Wickham wrote:

> interested in the Maori Indians and finally I got tapes called Once
> Were
> Warriors by Alan Duff which is fabulous listening. It is
> autobiographical.

I saw a film by this title a few years ago and was very impressed. It was about the difficult lives of Maori descendants, and the eventual triumph of the spirit that happens to the central female character.

The film was harsh in its depictions of contemporary life for the Maori descendants involved, but extremely well done and moving.

I'm wondering if it is based on the story that Elaine has been listening to on tape. Does it sound the same Elaine? Does anyone know?

By the way, if you haven't noticed by now, I recommend this film. Just be forewarned that it is sometimes sad, and a bit frightening.