Subject: Re: Once Were Warriors (was: Back from New Zealand)
Debbie, you are so right! It is based upon the movie. How do I know? I discussed this with Richard of New Zealand, and he told me it was a movie. The voice of the Maori on the tape is heart rendering. He has a beautiful voice and does a great job in telling the story. I agree it is sad. I find Indian Heritage fascinating. When I was in Canada, I tried to learn about the Inuit Indians and purchased a piece made by them of a bird at the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa. I also purchased a videotape depicting the history of the Inuit. They also have a tough life. In fact, won't you agree that even our American Indians are still struggling? I did have plans to go to Victoria in May to find out more about their Indian Heritage, but I became ill with arthritis in my back. I was told it would calm down. I will visit Victoria as soon as I can as well as Vancouver. Can you suggest some good reading about the Indians of British Columbia? If you can, I would greatly appreciate hearing about it. My best, Elaine