Subject: Re:Digital v. standard film
How many cards did you carry with you; without a laptop how did you clear the cards and start over?

We just purchased a digital camera and 64 mg memory stick this winter and took it on our trip to Patagonia. Foolishly we didn't take a regular camera.

It quickly became apparent that we weren't going to have enough capacity. We were able to download the pictures we took in Buenos Aires to a zip disk in the business center of our hotel, but after that we had no opportunity to save what we'd taken, so we were constantly dumping shots. Had we taken a zip drive with us we could possibly have hooked it up to a computer in a hotel and downloaded some more. The files are to big to e-mail - it would take forever unless you can find some place with a superfast connection.

One advantage to the digital is that you can review what you've taken (on your room TV) and eliminate the ones that aren't keepers, but we ultimately didn't have enough capacity as the scenery was so spectacular. We borrowed a regular camera from our guide and took a 36 exposure roll, so that helped.

We plan to purchase a 128 mg memory stick when it becomes available, but I think for a long trip we might still want to take a back up regular camera.

Leslie Chicago