Subject: Re: Re:Digital v. standard film
As a novice digital user, I opted for the HP 315 because it works on either rechargeable or regular AA batteries, it's simple to operate &flash memory is widely available. My general traveling goal is to be as far away from computers &even electricity as possible, so dumping images onto a laptop won't work.

On my recent Scotland trip, I purchased two 64mg flashcards &used only highest resolution settings &was very careful about images to capture (& didn't erase a one). I didn't fill up even one card but I'm very pleased with the results. I also carried my heavy old Pentax ZX M SLR because I love its manual action: it doesn't autofocus &I can select speed &f/stop manually. This way I can control depth of field. Since I use a fine 24mm lens which yields great landscapes as well as close ups to about 5 from subject, the depth of field control becomes critical for the final image I'm after.

It's odd getting used to the focus mechanism with digital: it takes a heartbeat for the image to set. I knew this, so only chose the digital for landscapes, not activity shots.

I'll compare print quality of the digital to a standard film image from the CD; my guess is that because the lens on my SLR is of higher quality than the digital HP, it'll be a wash.