Subject: Indigenous Peoples of BC (was: Once Were Warriors)
Hello Elaine asked:

> Can you suggest some good reading about the Indians of British
> Columbia?

Elaine, I personally know of no material dealing with the Original People of British Columbia, but I can heartily recommend the the Anthropological Museum at the University of British Columbia, just outside Vancouver, as a great place to visit and learn a little about that culture.

Visiting the University of BC, the Anthropological Museum, the woods and gardens at the University, as well as the nearby beaches, was one of the amazing highlights of our trip to Vancouver.

The museum is gorgeous, and full of wonderful pieces that give some insight into the lives of the non-immigrant population of BC. One thing we loved : a young woman was making Fry Bread and Salmon Sandwiches right outside the main door of the museum. These were delicious and also a treat to eat something derived from the recipes of the indigenous people of the region.

There were indoor and outdoor displays, totems, structures, etc. We had a car to get there, but I am sure there must be buses or tours that visit the museum.

I hope you get to go. And thanks for the info on Once Were Warriors. I'm going to look for the book. See the movie; it is very good.