Subject: Re: Hotel Borromini in the Parioli district, Rome
Hi Debbie,

This hotel, like the delle Muse where we stayed, is a short walk from Ungaria Square. If you check the Zine archives, the transportation information Giorgio sent in response to a Ziner's query would be helpful to your cousin. In any case, a four star hotel is unlikely not to have transportation information readily available.

A big plus about the location (which is just south of Villa Ada Park and northeast, rather than northwest, of the Borghese Gardens) is that it is within walking distance of the Galleria Borghesi. On the day we spent with Paolo, the three of us visited the museum (Giorgio made reservations for us, which are required) and were enthralled by Bernini's incredible works. We would recommend that your cousin definitely put this museum on the must-see list!

Regards, Don and Linda