Subject: Re: Martha's Vineyard
Try going to Providence - You can easily get to Wood's Hole without the hassle of getting lost due to the 'Big Dig' construction. (It's closer to Woods Hole, too)

My brother has a hse on the island and goes all the time (He's a pilot w/ United) and they try to always fly to the Vineyard - but be forwarned.. they get fogged in all the time and nothing moves in or out. You'd then have to take a bus back to either Boston or Providence from Woods Hole, and I think that might be more of a problem for you - especially for Memorial Day weekend.

My recommendation would be to rent a car at the Providence airport and drive to Portland. As I'm sure you are aware, but it's worth repeating if you don't already know this: If you're taking a car on the ferry, it's mandatory to have reservations both going and coming. They don't do too much w/ last minute people as there were terrible fights and now they require reservations in advance.

I hope this helps. Susie Newton, MA