Subject: Driving in Mexico
Just to add a few comments to Ed's posting....

>there can be animals in the road.

Dogs in Mexico are suicidal. They're always wandering out on the roads, so you really have to be careful (and most people here do not stop if a dog wanders out in front of them - the number of dead dogs on the roads is proof...)

Besides bus and truck drivers being aggressive, they pass other buses and trucks on the road, sometimes pulling out in front of you at the last minute to pass. Also, many cars drive at night without headlights. But one thing I found that's different from driving in other countries, is that on a two-lane road, truck drivers will usually signal you (by turning on their left indicator) to indicate that the road ahead is clear for you to pass him.

>If you are in an accident in Mexico and do not have insurance you could wind up in jail until the costs of all property damaged (this includes people) are paid.

Even if you DO have insurance, you can still wind up in jail if you have a car accident, particularly if someone is hurt. (In Mexico, in general you are presumed guilty until you can prove you are innocent). Also, note that in Mexico, many people do NOT have insurance.

Laurie in Mexico City