Subject: Re: alexandria to giza
You'll have plenty of time, especially if you're hiring a tour company to drive you there and back and not relying on the bus system. Everything in Egypt runs on a very casual time table, but if you're hiring a company, they'll understand that you expect them to be timely. It doesn't take that long to tour the pyramids. You get a sense of wonder pretty much immediately. Of course, the fact that the sphnix now looks out to survey a Kentucky Fried Chicken is not so great. You'll drive to near the pyramids, then your driver will take you up to a good vantage point so you can take a photo of them on the plain and then he'll drive you to near the sphnix. There's a museum there that is worth seeing for the boat, but it does not require hours and hours to cover. You'll have plenty of time in 14 hours to do all that and get back to Alexandria. There are no real towns of any size inbetween, so traffic is not an issue. If you want to go inside the pyramids, I'm sure you'd have time for that too. It's great you and your parents and getting to do that together. :)