Subject: Re: After Sorrento Italy
Hi Michelle

You asked about suggestions for hotels near Rome airport.... We have been working on the same thing for months now. I can certainly tell you what our research has uncovered and what our plans are.

We also wanted a small town, but a small country village as you requested sounds a little too small for my mother, who will be with us for a few days. But Lago Bracciano seems to have smaller towns, and looks very charming. I am sorry to say that I just looked and did not keep the websites and links that I had explored in that area. But it looks great, very quiet, and like it might meet your needs. A web search will turn up a few things on that area, but not much.

We have decided on the Castelli Romani area since we don't want to be more than an hour from the airport on our last days. Here are some links:

We were also very attracted to Anagni, but it is a little far for our purposes, but here is the link:

Tivoli was high on our list, especially as recommended by Ziner Janet Solomon. We looked into Viterbo, but again, it was too far from the airport.

I think you will find that most towns in southern Tuscany and the western reaches of Umbria are a couple of hours from Rome. If that is not too far for you, then definetly consider those areas. A small town in Umbria that we love is Spello, about 3 hours from Rome airport. But that is a very approximate distance.

Good luck and I hope this helps. So many Ziners helped us as we were looking for a place to spend our last two days on this trip to Italy. Thanks everyone.

Ciao Debbie