Subject: Re: NY Hotel
I just returned from 5 days in NYC with 9 college students. We stayed at the Youth Hostel (open to people of all ages) on 103rd and Amsterdam on the Upper West Side. It's the world's largest hostel - over 600 beds. Lots of action and people from all over the world. A great way to meet people, especially if travelling alone! My students enjoyed that experience. It's about $35 (or less) a night - sharing a room with 4, 6, or 12 people. Bring a locker lock to stow stuff during the day. They have a cafe, a gift shop, and they run great group tours. There is something going on every day. We took a walking tour of Harlem and it was fabulous. The hostel is less than 2 blocks from the subway - so it was very convenient. I would suggest that your friend take a taxi to or from the hostel after dark, if alone. Although we felt very safe at all times! 212-932-2300 website: