Subject: Portugal
Hi Richard I've been to Portugal a few times and loved every minute of it, the last time being April 2000, but just for three days. The whole countryside was bathed in blooming Wisteria - a sight to behold. We based ourselves in Ericea which we just happened upon after spending a day of meandering the countryside, which is a fishing village on the west coast. (the quick way is a 30 min. highway drive from the airport at Lisbon) Our last night was spent at a musical concert in their lovely new centre - we were the only tourists! The Lisbon Portuguese come on the weekends - this is now their weekend getaway since the Algarve has become too commercial. We spent a day visiting the monastery at (I hope I have it right) Matra - not to be missed.

On previous visits we rented a car for three weeks and drove around the country staying only is pousadas - quite a treat. We particularly loved the north. My husband was a photographer so I now have lovely memories of all the out-of-way places we visited.

Barbara Toronto