Subject: Driving to Alaska
How fortunate they are to even consider that undertaking. It is a rough trip once you get above Jasper, but it is a beautiful, easy driving trip up to Jasper through Banff &Jasper National Parks (and Lake Louise). We have often thought about making the trip and maybe we will be able to do so by age 69 (I'm 64 now).

The Alaskan highway is also know as the Alcan highway. To even consider this trip, they must purchase the Milepost. This is an unbelievably valuable tool. Cost about $20.00 and I got my local bookstore to order me one the last time we went to Alaska (via ferry and not the Alcan highway). Here is also an address if you decide to support them and send them a helpful book: although, I suspect if they have researched this trip at all, they already know about the milepost. To quote the above site, the Milepost is celebrating their 50th anniversary as the 'Bible of North Country Travel.' This is not a fluff and nonsense production, because there's serious driving to cover when you're heading to Anchorage or Denali Park, and you need to know things, like what the major highways and roads contain, mile-by-mile, where there are gas stations, campgrounds, fishing, lodging, and food, what the geography is like and what road conditions to expect. provides road conditions. Some of the roads may be closed until late spring, early summer. We have talked to a number of folks who have completed the trip. The roads even in the best weather are rough. People attach shields to the front of their vehicles due to flying rocks etc. Also, they take along spare parts that could break due to the rough conditions, but once again, if your parents know anything about this trip, they probably already know about the roads.

I don't know how much information you desire, I could go on and on. I don't know if other Ziners are interested, so, if necessary, contact me off line.

Wil Orlando, FL