Subject: Cruising Norway's coast
We have cruised this coast 3 times and loved all of them (UP and BACK on a Norwegian coastal steamer) and one-way down from Spitsbergen to Sweden on a Swedish liner. If you go, do it in midsummer when the sun never sets--a glorious experience. We went on one of the older, smaller coastal steamers, the LOFOTEN and liked it a lot better than the big newer ones designed specifically for the tourist trade. Yes, our cabin was small with bunk beds and a porthole but the lounges were lovely, the food superb, the ship full of beautiful wood and brass, and only an occasional very small tour group. When we got off in Bergen, after 12 days up and down, we were ready to stay on the ship and do it all over again! One caveat: this coastline can be foggy; we were lucky on the coastal steamer to have mostly sun and lots of blue sky (wore everying on deck from shorts to jackets with blankets wrapped around us for extra warmth); on the trip down on the Swedish liner there was a lot of fog and we were glad that we had had the magnificent views before and felt sorry for passengers who were making the run for the first time. However, it cleared and we had a wonderful day in the gorgeous Geiranger Fjord. Bergen is worth a couple days of sightseeing also. And the train from Oslo to Bergen goes through stunning scenery of hills, mountains, snow, lakes. All in all, a trip we would do again! Cheers, Pat