Subject: RE: Cross country road trip....

On traveling with dogs - we do that several times a year going back and forth between Texas and Wisconsin, and so by now we know pretty well which hotels/motels on our route take our two large ones. These are good sites, if you're making advance reservations, or if you know in which towns you'll be staying:

This is a site that has info about traveling with a pet:

There are also books that list hotels/motels that take pets, to bring with you in the car, for last minute decisions on the road. We have Travel With or Without Pets: 25,000 Pets-R-Permitted Accommodations, Petsitters, Kennels & More, M.E. Nelson, Editor. Of course, as soon as any book like this is published, it's no longer completely current, but it's helpful if you don't make advance reservations and if you're not in a big town, or not at a big highway stop with lots of motel choices. Generally, we've had better luck with the following chains: Best Western, Days Inns, Drury Inns, Pear Tree Inns, and Super 8 - but it is always up to the individual motel. I usually start with the toll free number, with the chains, to check prices and availability, but once I've made reservations, and have confirmed with the 800# that pets are ok, I call the local number at the hotel to be sure, or to request a ground floor room or one close to an entrance or not close to the restaurant, etc - things that may not be an issue for your friend's dogs. Also, if the folks at the 800# tell you no dog rooms are available, you sometimes get a positive response if you call the hotel's direct number. Some restrict you to one dog, or to dogs smaller than, e.g. 35 pounds, some charge extra per day, some want a deposit on your credit card that is not actually charged to you if there is no damage in the room after you check out, and some (our experience at Drury and Pear Tree) don't even ask how many or how big or charge any thing! Finally, at some places, the only dog rooms are also smoking rooms, which hasn't bothered me, but I may not be particularly sensitive to old smoke.

Have a great trip!

Connie (still in Houston)