Subject: Re: Re: Cross country road trip....
Hi Ellie,

The park near Los Alamos (that slipped Ed's mind) is Bandelier National Monument.

Also, Ellie, it is feasible to go from Arches south through Monument Valley and back to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. As you head south from Arches on Highway 191 you'll have two opportunities for overlook drives in Canyonlands National Park, Needles/Anticline Overlook Road and the Squaw Flats Scenic Byway.

You'll continue south on H191 through Monticello & Blanding and then head west on Highway 95. I'd recommend doing the loop through Natural Bridges National Monument closeby on Highway 275. After that park you backtrack a short ways then take Highway 261 south. This route is called the Moki Dugway and is a spectacular entry into Monument Valley. You come off of Cedar Mesa on a switchbacked road that drops 1000 ft. in just a couple of miles. The views are breathtaking. You continue on south through Mexican Hat (with its gravity defying rock formation) and into Arizona and Monument Valley on Highway 163. After passing through Monument Valley you'll come to Kayenta where you'll head south on Highway 160. From 160 you can either head back north on Highway 98 to Page and Lake Powell before working your way on the last leg to the North Rim, or you can head past Tuba City and catch Highway 89 back north and around to the North Rim.

John Rule San Diego, CA