Subject: Working in France and packing
Hi all,

I will be working in France during May through the beginning of August at the rose garden Les Chemins de la Rose in Doué la Fontaine. I'm really excited about the opportunity, so anyone who is coming through the Loire or through La Touraine should stop by and visit the gardens...from the information I have (so that I can give guided tours and answer questions -- eek!), it sounds very very impressive.

More important that getting anyone to come visit me while I'm there is deciding just how to pack for this trip/job/adventure. I have studied in France for a month for the past two summers (once in June, once in July), so packing was relatively simple -- I hoofed it like a backpacker with just a few changes of clothes (shorts, pants, t-shirts) and managed to fit it all in to a rolling backpack.

This is a little more complicated because I'm sure I'll have to dress quite a bit nicer than if I was a student sleeping in trains and hostels across Europe (jobs tend to instill a sense of responsibility in my for some reason :-P). Also, it's going to be over a period of three months, which means a range of temparatures from cool, rainy days to just plain blistering hot (I'm a Southern girl, but it doesn't take too much for me to be hot and miserable...thank goodness there's not a great deal of humidity), so I want to be prepared with appropriate clothes.

I also plan on traveling around for a week after the internship ends...just to one country to minimize travel costs/hassels, so I need to pack a bit lighter or find a place to store my suitcase the week I travel. Packing somewhat lightly and appropriately for a three-month job as a tour guide/information desk worker in France during the summer...can anyone help me cut corners and get the most out of a suitcase or backpack?

Thanks, Mandy Huffman Clemson, SC