Subject: Re: watering plants while traveling
Hi Don &Linda: I guess it depends on the size and light/water requirements of specific plants. When I was really into indoor gardening, I used to soak plants thoroughly and place on wet towels, draped with drycleaner bags, in the bathtub. This was OK for up to 3 weeks and some coped better than others. Can't say it did much for the finish on the bottom of the tub though!

I'm going to try something this summer with our patio pots, hanging baskets etc. ... baby diapers. Before the LOL gets out of control, let me explain. They contain polymer crystals, which absorb amazing amounts of liquid. Trust me, I have 2 grandaughters and those suckers can really expand! I've heard of gardeners using these crystals, but they are only available in Canada in miniscule quantities at a high price. I'm going to separate the diapers, putting the lining right into the soil, and hope they don't pop the petunias right out after a rain.

I can't see why you couldn't make moisture mats in the bottom of dishpans, trays, buckets etc. Soak well, and everything should stay moist for a long time. Would be worth experimenting while you are home just to see how long it holds moisture.

Would love to hear the results of your Science Project!

Anne Burlington ON .. where today gives hope that there WILL be a Spring!