Subject: Re: watering plants while traveling
I have the best idea - I got it from the internet 3 yrs ago (about... ) and have used it since.

Fill your bathtub (s) with about 8 inches of water. fold towels in squares and place them on eachother in a stack. Place a pottled plant on each stack. As the plant needs water it will wick the water from the towels. ( usually make sure that the water is up to about 3 from the planter rim.)

We have used this always when we go for more than a week. Just make sure that your drain is tight and your water will not ever so slowly go down it! (I use a rubber drain cover with rocks on it and it seems to work)

When you return, your plants will be happy even if your tub is grungy!!!

Good luck Regards, Susie Newton, MA