Subject: Las Vegas feedback
Hi I want to thank everyone for the Las Vegas tips and ask a few more questions. I managed to get a great deal, I think. I would like feedback, because it seems that there are Ziners that really know what they're doing when it comes to Las Vegas.

My daughter wanted to stay at the Luxor, as she loves ancient Egyptian style things, even when they are kitschy, so I put my own package together using FF awards, and Internet discounts. Flights and 6 nights at the Luxor ( a lot of nights, but I had to take available flights) comes to 385 USD each for her and her boyfriend. This seemed ok to me, but doesn't sound as good as some of the great prices Ziners have found. But we were limited as to day when they could go, flights, and she really wanted to stay at the Luxor, so, I hope this seems like a decent price to pay......

Now I would like to find out information about these coupon books and other discounts that I have heard about but ignored, because I thought they would never apply to me. ;-) Looking for good cheap meals, show tickets, transportation, theme park tickets, and other discounts available.

Thanks everyone, Debbie