Subject: Spain and Portugal
Hi All,

Due to a small health problem I have been very quiet lately, and unfortunately it forced us to scrap all our immediate travel plans. My friend from Dunedin suggested that we accompany him and his wife for a six week tour of Spain and Portugal. At first I was rather cool on the idea but after some careful consideration I have now warmed to the idea. In fact, after doing some research, the old excitement has returned. I have gone through the archives and extracted any information that would be relevant to our trip. I have written privately to some members and have received back some very informative replies. I have not done the same for Spain yet but I plan to. What we would like to know, is there anyone that can supply us with names and information on towns and villages that as yet been unspoilt by mass tourism? Don't get me wrong we will be visiting the usual tourist spots, but most of this type of information can be obtained from the net or this list. We love visiting ancient and pre-historic sites, plus we love photographing, great scenery, architecture and people.

Any and all information will be greatly appreciated.

Regards, Richard Bloomfield.(New Zealand) ricardo