Subject: Re: Las Vegas feedback

In my prior life, our company often used Las Vegas vacations as awards for performance. We usually got the best price through Funjet Vacations and they offered a range of hotels.

I also tried many different hotels, since I went to conventions there. I have stayed at the Luxor. If you daughter likes kitsch, then she may like it. I thought it was a slightly newer Circus Circus (the parent company). For me the only thing interesting was the elevator, which goes sideways. I like the Rio and the Venetian and people in our company always liked the Desert Inn. I also like the sister hotel to Treasure Island (I am sorry, I can't remember the name; they have the white tigers in the lobby and some of the best poker in Las Vegas; if you call Treasure Island they will tell you). The last time I was there the Mandalay seemed to have very good rates (and decent restaurants). The Bellagio is a very nice hotel, which is saying a lot in Las Vegas, but it is expensive. I can't help you with packages, except to say that your daughter should not miss Cirque du Soleil (I think they are at Treasure Island and the Bellagio). Caesar's Palace/Forum has a number of good restaurants.

Ed in San Miguel, a long way from LV