Subject: Re: Help for hiking in Provence in Sept.
Hi Bill Another idea would be to go onto which although in French is pretty self-explanatory. click on Pays, villes et villages then under 'autre information' click on 'Offices du Tourisme' You then get a map of the different regions in Provence and can click on wherever your friend will be. You will get all the Offices du Tourism and Syndicat d'Initiative (same thing) and their telephone numbers. At the bottom of the list they tell you which Offices have web pages and then you will find most of these have English versions! Your friend could email them in English and I'm sure they'd reply. My feeling is that at the moment this area is unaffected by foot and mouth and so they have no plans to close anywhere. In the UK footpaths are still closed but many attractions are reopening for Easter (Stonehenge reopened today for example). I hope this is of some help and will keep an eye open for news of foot and mouth in France cheers Sally Somerset, UK