Subject: Re: London Walks
I have to add my personal husband and I decided to try one of the Pub walks (as you mentioned) when we last were in London this past Feb. We got a bad feeling when the guide came to us waiting at the other end of the subway tunnel (which was supposed to be the original meeting place) and told all of us to go to the other side. He was waving his London Walks pamphlets up in the air. As we stood around and waited to pay our 5 pounds, I asked him to see his blue badge (or whatever it is that proves you are an official London Walk guide) and he curtly replied, I don't have my blue badge with a look of annoyance. Then when my husband heard him instructing the customers NOT to walk behind him, but ahead of him, we started wondering if he was an authentic guide and decided not to take the tour with him... (we were afraid that maybe he'd duck and hide from us and escape with the money!)

Curious Elena in Raleigh, N.C. USA