Subject: Dining in Barcelona: Spain Restaurants
Hi Graciela!

I can't speak as to whether El Rectoret is still open but I'd like to make a suggestion for dining out in Barcelona.

We ate at a wonderful restaurant called La Sopeta Una located in the pedestrian zone (Verdaguer i Callis 6) just to the south of the Palau de la Música Catalunya. I read about this place on the website. Our first attempt to dine there was a failure with the restaurant being closed on a Sunday night. Undeterred we decided to try it for lunch a couple of days later after touring the Palau de Música Catalunya.

We arrived between 1:30pm and 2:00pm to find only two of the eight tables occupied. We stepped down from street level into the low-ceilinged and heavily-beamed small dining room. The two women working offered us the menus while they continued to busily prepare for the lunch rush. And rightly so for within twenty minutes the dining room was full with more patrons waiting in the alley outside for tables to open. We appeared to be the only tourists, the others well-dressed Catalans on lunch break or taking a respite from their shopping.

Our first course was a molded vegetable terrine with fresh cool flavors melting in our mouths. Not strong on spice the chef managed to get all the freshness of the new spring vegetables into the dish. Sara had the wonderful Catalan spinach salad which we savored in a variety of restaurants while in Barcelona. This one was superb, the best we had while there. This dish is a keeper and I make it regularly here at home (Thanks in part to a large bag of fresh piñon nuts bought while visiting southeastern Utah). My main course was the rap or monkfish, roasted and served with a savory tomato/cream sauce. Another hit. For dessert we shared a fresh strawberry mousse with a consistency approaching billowing cumulus clouds. And, of course, the requisite café sol or espresso to speed us on afternoon sightseeing.

Here's a link to another traveler's review of this restaurant:

Have a good time in Catalunya.

John Rule San Diego, CA