Subject: Re: Oregon Coast

Doubletree in Portland is fine &I second the 23rd Street area for shopping/walking. The waterfront walk area on Front Street is very pleasant &the Japanese Garden/Rose Garden up on the hill are 2 of my faves.

For the coast:

Best beach walks: Turn left at Florence, go over the Siuslaw River about a mile, then turn right at the big brown Forest Service sign: South Jetty Beaches. Park at any of the turnouts, take a wee climb up the dunes &if you walk to the north, you'll have some of the best beachwalking you can imagine. In Oregon, the beaches belong to the people, so there's not any development on the beaches.

Best ice cream: Umpqua ice creams from the little pier shop in Old Town Florence, under that bridge you went under.

Best breakfast: A funky little restaurant right on 101, the Blue Hen is over-cute with chicken-kitsch, but provides incredible breakfasts.

Best outdoor food: At Florence Old Town, there are several restaurants serving hearty sea fare on decks overlooking the harbor on good days.

Best vistas: Park at Sea Lion Caves Overlook (skip the cave) &look north to the Heceta Head Lighthouse. Fab scene no matter the weather.

Best cove for a picnic: Devil's Elbow, just north of Yachats. The little cove is just lovely; a fine place for a dungeness crab/sourdough bread picnic at sunset. Look up at the bridge, which appears frequently in TV ads for cars, usually in the rain or mist (duh, it's Oregon).

Best short dunes/pine forest walk: North of Florence, turn right at the Sutton Camp Ground sign, go thru the campground to the group camp area. A map shows the 2 or 3 walking routes thru the deflation plain, along Sutton Creek, thru the Dunes.

Best clam chowder: At Newport, go down to the old town area to Mo's, a local favorite spot for what I understand is superb clam chowder. (I'm a vegan. Clams. Shudder.) Also down here is the Embarcadero, a nice hotel overlooking the bay. Dining room has nice views, but can't vouch for the food.

Best agate beach: at the Newport Hotel, north of Newport, I think there's still access to Agate Beach for a nice walk.

Best small harbor: Depoe Bay, with its rocky harbor entrance.

Best upscale place: At Gleneden Beach, Salishan Lodge has the reputation for fine dining &accomms. I think it's overpriced &over rated, but most folks disagree with me.

Best interpretive center: Hands down, Cape Perpetua Visitors' Center. Do not miss it. Grand views from the center, forest service personnel on hand, 3 lovely walks. My fave is the Giant Spruce trail, a short &easy walk from the center thru a dark glen of old growth spruce &cedar.

Best bumper cars: Seaside. Shilo Inn has a great location on the promenade, but average food.

Best gentle beach: Canon Beach, just south of Seaside. Lovely, lovely, lovely. A sweep of gentle beach with picturesque seastacks. You've seen the pictures everywhere.

Best shops &galleries: Every little town has something; they get more upscale the further north you go.

I'm not much good about dining, but ask me about picnics &backpacking! I'll check with some of my compatriots who prefer sleeping in beds for their suggestions about motels!

Gail In Eugene but....