Subject: Driving in Spain &Portugal
Hi Linda,

>We took it to Spain last September (approx 1400 kilometers each way) and it was a >dream.

We in New Zealand hear differing stories on driving in Spain and Portugal. Is it that bad? An opinion from someone that normally drives on the left side of the road, would be most helpful. We are looking at only driving through the small towns and villages, which we prefer anyway, and using public transport to the larger towns and cities. Do you think this is wise, or is driving and finding a park in the cities fairly straight forward? I know that some people always use public transport but we prefer the flexibility that a car gives us.

If you only had two weeks to spend in Spain which areas would you concentrate on? Our thinking is to spend our time in Madrid and surrounding district plus Andalucia. Is this too ambitious? Do you or any other members of the list have better ideas on where to spend our time? This will be followed by three weeks in Portugal.

I thank you and look forward to your replies.

Regards, Richard Bloomfield.(New Zealand)