Subject: Spain -Drinvg in Spain
Hi Richard, In 99 we took a trip in Spain and Portugal , including the areas you are interested,we drove all over had no problem what so ever, true that we had no car in Madrid and paid hotel parking in Seville, most of the time we stayed in the Paradores, being a member of the Paradores, called Amigo de los Paradores , which is free, we got free parking in the Paradores. The Paradores usually have great offers that will amaze you, they have for instance a book of 5 or 6 pre paid coupons that reduces the rates in a 35%, there are several local offers too. Try During that trip we visited Guadalupe, and its fabulous Monastery, Merida a fascinating town with a great Roman museum and Roman ruins, plus the usual Andalucia cities i.e. Seville,Cordoba and Granada Plus Arcos and Ronda. From Merida we got into Portugal and then came back into Spain to visit Bayona, Santiago de Compostela, ....and Leon and Bilbao .

We are leaving again this week for Spain and this time we will visit a completely different bunch of destinations, I can tell you that hotels have great rates and also paradores , .....I really love to travel in Spain. I find the people extremely friendly. They are proud people extremely nice . Graziella miami beach