Subject: RE: Paris return notes Part 2

>> We walked, a lot. Never took the bus and seldom rode the metro. We walked, and walked, and sat and watched and ate and walked. You get the idea. And it rained every day but one but it did not matter since we were prepared with travel umbrellas and well oiled leather shoes. >>


We walked a lot too, but I was ever so thankful for the bus, as my feet were very sore, and we would take it just to go a few blocks. With the Carte Orange, that was easy to do. I was wearing good shoes -- SAS -- but I'm on the hunt for another pair that are more cushioned. I think that the day and a half we spent walking across Brussels cobblestones before Paris caused a lot of the discomfort.

>>Le Petit Zinc. 6th between St Germain Blvd and rue Jacob near St Germain church. EXCELLENT as Sandy mentioned. Great oyster selection and super seafood. >>

I had the grilled sole, and it was excellent. My husband had sea bass, I believe, and he said it was wonderful too, but we looked over at another table, and they had a huge tray of some kind of seafood... as I recall, they had a sample tray, and I think that was it. My husband called my attention to it.... it looked wonderful!