Subject: Re: Driving in Portugal
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> >We are looking at only driving through the small towns and villages, which
> we prefer anyway, and using public transport to the larger towns and
> cities. <

Richard, we drove through the small towns in Portugal, as far north as Porto and south to the coast, a few years ago. It was wonderful and there's no other way to see the castles, the 12th century villagees and the countryside - one of our best trips.

Driving in Lisbon was just awful, mostly because you can't find the street signs and by the time you see them on the building, it's too late - the light has changed. Of course, if you know exactly where you're going, it may not be a problem. The southern coast had lots and lots of traffic too.

We had a deal with TWA whereby we got the car/hotel package with the airline ticket. I don't know if anyone does that any more.