Subject: Re: Driving in Spain &Portugal

We went to Spain last fall, and rented a car for part of the trip. We used public transportation in Barcelona, which was great, then flew to Granada. Toured Granada, then rented a car at the end of that stay. I wouldn't want to have a car in Granada...the streets are so narrow, and the things you'll want to visit are all very close to each other.

Drove the car from Granada to the ocean, visited towns along the coast, into Andalucia, the hill towns, etc. It was great having the car for all of that. It was easy to drive, fairly easy to park, and allowed us to see things we would not have seen on public transportation.

We dropped it off when we arrived in Seville, as we did not need it there. My husband is a great driver, but we find it much less worry to not have a car in the cities. From Seville, we took the high speed AVE train to Madrid, where again, there was no need for a car. However, had we had one, we probably would have taken a day trip to El Escorial.

Hope this helps a little.

Natalie Los Angeles